A word from the ICOFOM LAM President

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You are on the website of ICOFOM’s Regional Subcommittee for Latin America and the Caribbean – ICOFOM LAM, from the International Council of Museums ICOM. ICOFOM LAM was created in The Hague, in 1989, during ICOM’s general conference “museums, generators of culture”, with the purpose of reaching the same general goals of International Committee for Museology – ICOFOM – and also specifically develop and consolidate the Latin American museological thinking in the academical level.

The first ICOFOM LAM meeting happened in 1992 in Buenos Aires, during ICOM’s general assembly and has been performing its activities continuously.

Our work plan includes the organization of annual Meeting of ICOFOM LAM; and the opening of the Literacy in Museological Thinking Program, aiming regions where there is no access to academical training in museology. Our workplan also comprises the review of classical theoriticians.

A word from the president