42nd ICOFOM ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM, Kyoto, Japan, 1-7 September 2019

ICOFOM is planning to hold different meetings during the 25th Triennial ICOM General Conference in September 2019.

The principal one will be devoted to “The Future of Tradition in Museology”. It will be our 42nd annual symposium and we are inviting you to submit papers for consideration of our Selection committee in any of ICOM’s official languages.

A special meeting will be organized together with the ICOM International Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) “What is the essence of conservation?”.

Please pay attention to different requirements and deadlines for each of the meetings in the following files:

CALL FOR PUBLICATION AND PARTICIPATION: “The future of tradition in Museology”

CALL FOR PAPERS – ICOM-CC & ICOMFOM JOINT SESSION: “What is the essence of conservation?”

ICOM welcomes you to Kyoto, Japan: click here for the Conference pamphlet!