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mayo 27, 2022

Call for Posters Symposios

Estimados miembros del ICOFOM:

Tras la convocatoria de ponencias para la Conferencia General del ICOM en Praga, ahora puede presentar un póster.
El tema de los pósteres para ICOFOM debe abordar el mismo tema que la convocatoria de ponencias para nuestro simposio sobre “Tabúes en museología: Cuestiones difíciles para la teoría de los museos”.

Los pósters pueden presentarse en uno de los tres idiomas: inglés, español o francés.

El enlace para presentar el póster:

To submit to the Call for Posters, please follow these instructions:

  1. You must first register in the system (if you do not have a paid registration yet and you do not have login details to the gCon conference platform).

Please go to CALL FOR POSTERS REGISTRATION (the last tab on the right side).


  1. Then go to CALL FOR POSTERS SUBMISSION (the last tab on the right side) and submit through the form and send your application.

  1. After fulfilling and submitting the form, the sign Thank you will appear, which means confirming a successful submission. You will NOT receive any confirmation of the email!  
  2. The Call for Posters will be open until June 25.
  3. Subsequently, the International Committees will select the authors on the basis of the abstracts collected from the Call for Posters form and the chosen authors will be announced during July. The International Committee can select a maximum of 30 posters.
  4. After acceptance, all selected authors will upload posters directly to the gCon conference platform by themselves.
  5. In case of any guestions, please contact