ICOFOM consultation about a new museum definition

ICOM Define, the current committee in charge of producing a new definition of the museum for the ICOM triennial meeting in 2022, asked all international committees to contact their members, with the desire that greater consultation scope would provide a new definition acceptable to all.

To this end, ICOFOM organized a new survey of its members and invited them to reply to it.

Here you can read the results for “Consultation 2”:

ICOFOM Survey results for a new definition as part of the third step of the ICOM Define Methodology: Consultation 2

The current consultative stage, referred to as Consultation 3, aims to select and rank a number of concepts to be included in the new definition.  On our website, you can find the words that have been selected by our own Working Group. This selection is based on the responses we received from our membership surveys in 2020 and 2021.

Please, feel free to comment on or provide whatever feedback you would like concerning those words/concepts before  September 27, 2021:

Propositions by ICOFOM as part of the ICOM Define Methodology: Consultation 3

Best wishes,

The ICOFOM Board