Welcome to the International Committee for Museology (ICOFOM)!

ICOFOM is actively involved with ICOM’s defining the “museum” process as we have a long history of meetings and publications on the topic, amongst the most current ones are the international symposia held in 2017 and 2018. During the 42nd Annual ICOFOM Symposium and 25th ICOM Triennial in Kyoto, Japan, ICOFOM’s vote for extending the process of defining the museum was successful in order for ICOM’s international and national committees to contribute with equal representation. We are launching a survey and publication to further contribute to this cause.

Three significant goals of the new board are: to provide effective and efficient communication of our activities and membership; to raise the standards of the ICOFOM Study Series, symposia workshops, and other publications; and to implement and adhere to the mission and vision statements by adopting an affirmative action policy on inclusivity and diversity of participation and museological perspectives globally.

In the near future, ICOFOM, ICOFOM LAM, and ICOFOM ASPAC plan to hold meetings in every continent, so be sure to stay connected with us through our membership newsletters, website, and social media. In the past, ICOFOM has ranged from activities organized in Leiden, Zagreb, Buenos Aires, Hyderabad/Varanasi/New Delhi, Livingstone-Mfuwe, Beijing, Coro, Cuenca/Galapagos Islands, Seoul, Tunis, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, to many more geographical locations in addition to online.