Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives of ICOFOM 2023-2025


·         Strengthening ICOFOM’s global impact

·         Advocating the value of heritage

·         Championing high standards in museums


·         To expand ICOFOM’s culturally and geographically diverse membership

·         To explore ways to encourage the active participation of young people and underrepresented nations

·         To continue our programme of meetings, publications and communication

·         To increase access to our meetings, publications and reports through the ICOFOM website and by other available and practical means

·         To position the ICOFOM website as the hub of information about museology and museological activities around the world.

·         To endeavour to increase access to more of our output through translation beyond the three official languages (English, French, Spanish)

·         To champion inclusion by providing more and varied opportunities for those who cannot attend to our meetings in person

·         To engage more museologists by broadening our research and meeting topics and our locations

·         To encourage the dissemination of museology and related subjects through courses and to involve our members in mentoring such endeavours when appropriate

·         To promote exchanges among experts from ICOFOM and its two major Sub-Committees, ICOFOM LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) and ICOFOM ASPAC (Asia and the Pacific)

·         To foster joint work with universities and other institutions of higher learning and with training centres

·         To explore collaborative ventures with other International Committees and Affiliated Organizations

·         To support the expanded work of ICOFOM LAC and ICOFOM ASPAC

·        To continue to support and promote ongoing and past projects, committees and working groups

·       To promote all of our publications along with those which have emanated from or through ICOFOM

·         To advance our latest publications

·         To operate in a more efficient manner through a system of committees

·         To endeavour to raise funds from non-traditional sources, to work frugally, and to concentrate where necessary on procuring gifts-in-kind, in order to undertake our programmes and to realize our goals