ICOFOM LAC Chairperson’s Welcome


Welcome to ICOFOM LAC!

In November 2023, a new board of directors of ICOFOM LAC was selected, which was approved at the General Assembly that took place at the XXXI ICOFOM LAC Meeting and XLVI ICOFOM Symposium. The Regional Subcommittee for Museology in Latin America and the Caribbean (ICOFOM LAC) is the ICOFOM subcommittee where development and consolidation of Latin American and Caribbean museological thinking is discussed at an academic level. It was created in The Hague in 1989, during the ICOM General Conference “Museums, Generators of Culture”, and also aims to meet the same objectives as the international committee.

Our 2023-2026 objectives are:

  • Provide continuity to the Projects proposed by previous administrations, with the objective of knowing and disseminating the development of the Museology discipline in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Be a space for debate on contemporary issues related to Museology, through alliances with universities and groups of Museology students, but always seeking the theoretical bias, fundamental for ICOFOM LAC;
  • Attract young museum professionals, researchers and Museology students to make up the members of ICOFOM LAC and ICOFOM;
  • Raise funds and seek to partner with different entities to maintain editorial activities;
  • Consolidate the editorial board;
  • Expand ICOFOM LAC communication on social networks.

Our intention to promote ICOFOM LAC as a space for debates on Museology, giving priority to the diversity of opinions, people and reflections that make up the geographical spaces called Latin America and the Caribbean. We also intend to reinforce that our theoretical production has full potential to serve as a basis for the discussions that exist in our region, since said production considers our diverse reality, which is, at the same time, unique.

Feel welcome to participate with us!

Scarlet Galindo, PHD