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XXXI ICOFOM LAC Annual Symposium

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Call for Papers

ICOFOM LAC is pleased to announce that the Call for Papers is open for the XXXI Annual Symposium “Histories of Latin American and Caribbean museology: subjects, diversity and plurality of experiences”.

Thinking about the History of Museology from the perspective of subjects, diversity and plurality of experiences, requires a theoretical and methodological exercise that can question the discourses considered to be foundations of what we understand by museology in our region. It is about a critical perspective on societies, their processes of colonization and decolonization, that is anti-racist, inclusive and based on genders and their dissidences. This challenges us to think about the historical processes that constituted and still constitute Latin American and Caribbean museology, confronting the processes of homogenization and the classification models that exerted control over experiences and perceptions, silencing the arrangements, epistemologies and practices considered outside the norm, limiting knowledge about our perception of society and culture. The recognition of the diversity that characterizes us, through the nomination of collections, objects and narratives of the subjects that make up the museological processes of our region, projects us towards new possibilities, new knowledge and reveals a clearer image of Latin American and Caribbean museology, allowing the rewriting of our trajectories.

Find more information on the panel themes for this year symposium, and how to submit your paper here: ENG CFP

Deadline for submission is August 9th 2023