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December 28, 2018

4th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, Johannesburg, June 30-3 July 2011

4th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, Johannesburg,

June 30-3 July 2011

Johannesburg, June 30-3 July 2011, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

The 25th General Assembly of the International Council of Museums meeting on 12
November 2010 in Shanghai, China, resolved in the affirmative the continued
participation of ICOM in the Inclusive Museum Knowledge Platform beyond 2011, so
that it could become a valuable resource for the museum and the wider heritage

The Inclusive Museum Knowledge Community is brought together by common concern
for the future role of the museum and in particular how it can become more
inclusive. The community interacts through an innovative, annual face-to-face
conference, as well as year-round virtual relationships in a weblog, peer
reviewed journal and book imprint – exploring the affordances of the new digital
media. Members of this knowledge community include academics, curators, museum
and public administrators, cultural policy makers and research students. The
majority of participants are young people who are scoping and working on
innovative, inspirational and challenging issues in museums. Complimentary
registrations are available for graduate students who submit abstracts and
present papers based on their research in museums.

Members of the Inclusive Museum community meet at the International Conference
on the Inclusive Museum, held annually in different locations around the world.
The inaugural Conference was held at the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden,
the Netherlands in 2008; the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia in
2009; and the Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey in 2010; In 2011,
the Conference will be held at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,
South Africa.
Our community members and first time attendees come from all corners of the
globe. The Conference is a site of critical reflection, both by leaders in the
field and emerging scholars and practitioners. Those unable to attend the
Conference may opt for virtual participation in which community members can
submit a video and/or slide presentation with voice-over, or simply submit a
paper for peer review and possible publication in the Journal.

The Inclusive Museum Community enables members to publish through three media.
First by participating in the Inclusive Museum Conference, community members can
enter a world of journal publication unlike the traditional academic publishing
forums – a result of the responsive, non-hierarchical and constructive nature of
the peer review process. The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum
provides a framework for double-blind peer review, enabling authors to publish
into an academic journal of the highest standard.
The second publication medium is through the book imprint On Museums, publishing
cutting edge books in print and electronic formats. Publication proposals and
manuscript submissions are welcome.

The third major publishing medium is our news blog, constantly publishing short
news updates from the Inclusive Museum Community, as well as major developments
in the museum field. You can also join this conversation at Facebook and Twitter
or subscribe to our email Newsletter.
For full information and to register for free Newsletter please go to:

International Board
Professor Corazon S. Alvina, Philippines; Ms. Alissandra Cummins, Immediate Past
President of ICOM, Barbados; Dr. Ann Davis, Canada; Dr. Shahid Vawda, South
Africa; Ms. Adi Meretui Ratunabuabua, Fiji Islands; Professor Laishun An,
Secretary General ICOM 2010, China; Mlle Christine Hemmet, France; Professor
Henry C. (Jatti) Bredekamp, South Africa; Dr. Lina G. Tahan, UK; Lcda Lucía
Astudillo Loor, Ecuador; Professor Pascal Makambila, Congo; Professor Dr. Bill
Cope, USA; Professor Dr. Tereza C. Moletta Scheiner, Vice President, ICOM
Executive Council, Brazil; Professor W. Richard West, USA; Dr. Hans-Martin Hinz,
President of the International Council of Museums, Germany; Dr. Knut Wik,
Chairperson, ICOM Advisory Committee; Norway; Mr. Julien Anfruns, Director
General, iCOM and President of the International Committee of the Blue Shield.
Chairperson: Professor Dr. Amareswar Galla, India & Australia.