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December 28, 2018

Call for papers for the 2014 International Biennial Conference of Museum Studies(IBCMS)

博物館研究學術雙年研討會邁入第二個十年,將於2014年10月30、31日展開第六屆盛會──「文化與自然遺產的復原與回春:博物館學的透視」。本屆子題含括:博物館與遺產的保存與再生、遺產「博物館化」的展示與詮釋、遺產教育的理論與實踐、遺產的管理與政治、建築與文化遺產、博物館與遺產之學術研究與實踐。 歡

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歡迎探問博物館性質、遺產研究、文化資源的再生等領域之論文投稿。請於2014年3月28日前惠賜摘要,詳細資訊請見本會網站,及下載投稿報名表。The 2014 International Biennial Conference of Museum Studies(IBCMS) bridges its conference program into its second decade under the theme “Restoration and Rejuvenation of Cultural and Natural Heritage: A Museological Perspective”, which would be held on Oct 30th & 31st. The sub-themes of the conference are:
* The Role of Museums in Preserving and Rehabilitating Heritage Resources
* The Display and Interpretation of “Musealized” Heritage
* Heritage Education: Theories and Practice
* Heritage Management and Politics
* Architecture and Cultural Heritage
* Academic Research & Social Practice on Museums and Heritage Resource
Abstracts and applications must be submitted before March 28th, 2014. Please visit our websitefor more information.


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