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September 1, 2021

Two new publications Publications

The fourth and fifth volumes in the series of “Latin American Museological Theory. Fundamental Papers” are out.

The volumes are published in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

All the 5 books in series are Open Access and can be accessed through the following links:

  1. Latin American Museological Theory: Protohistory, Sandra Escudero (ed.)
  2. Marta Arjona Pérez, Olga Nazor & Sandra Escudero (eds.)
  3. Waldisa Rússio Camargo Guarnieri, Luciana Menezes de Carvalho & Sandra Escudero (eds.)
  4. Felipe Lacouture Fornelli, Carlos Vázquez Olvera (comp.)
  5. Norma Rusconi, Nelly Decarolis (comp.)