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September 18, 2023

International Conference organised by ICOFOM, AMEPNC and University of New Caledonia

International Conference jointly organised by the ICOFOM (International Committee for Museology, part of the International Council of Museums), the AMEPNC (Association of Museums and Heritage Institutions in New Caledonia), and the University of New Caledonia.

New Caledonia, 16-21 October 2023

Increase visibility and attractiveness of islands’ heritage: a 21st-century issue for museology

Island heritages are inherently more mobile than those of continental spaces. Of course, islands can be stopovers from which things are brought back. Still, island societies, because of their relative isolation and the unavailability of certain resources, have always needed to exchange goods, foodstuffs, materials, and objects made with other populations located beyond the sea.

From the time of the Lapita cultural ensemble to the trade routes of the Aegean Sea, via pre-Columbian relations between the islands of the West Indies, the kula of the Trobrianders popularised by Bronislaw Malinowski, or even the maritime traffic of the contemporary era, the ocean space has been a route for the exchange and circulation of both material and immaterial elements. Thus, since ancient times, heritage objects and knowledge have moved, dispersed and left the islands, a phenomenon that has been accentuated since the multiplication of contacts, particularly with the Western world.


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Deadlines for registration:

  •   9 October 2023 for international participants attending the 6-day conference who wish to secure accommodation
  • 15 October 2023 for live stream